Orbus Exhibit & Display Group Partners with UPS on Carbon Neutral Shipping Program

Woodridge, IL- January 16, 2017: Orbus Exhibit & Display Group®, one of North America's leading trade suppliers of display, exhibit and event solutions is proud to announce that the company has partnered with UPS® to participate in the Carbon Neutral Shipping program. The Carbon Neutral Shipping program is a service offered to businesses by UPS to minimize the impact that shipping has on the environment. Orbus has been part of the program since September of 2015.  

UPS' Carbon Neutral Shipping program offers businesses the option to ship packages as carbon neutral, as a means of reducing the carbon dioxide (CO2) impact that shipping has on the environment. For businesses involved in the program, the CO2 emissions for all packages shipped via UPS are calculated. Carbon credits are then purchased by UPS on behalf of Orbus and other companies in the program, which fund certified environmentally responsible projects.

Orbus is registered to ISO 14001:2004, recognizing the company's commitment to environmental protection. As such, joining UPS's carbon neutral program was a perfect alignment with the company's existing efforts to minimize the impact had on the environment through the design, manufacture and shipping of tradeshow displays. The carbon credits purchased by UPS on behalf of Orbus have been invested in the Garcia River Forest and the Big River and Salmon Creek Forests in California. Both programs are operated by the Conservation Fund, and the trees housed in the forests contribute to trapping nearly 600,000 tons of carbon emissions annually. The purchase of carbon credits provide support for the maintenance and development of these forest projects.

The UPS carbon neutral shipping option provides Orbus with the opportunity to stay closely aligned with its environmental protection goals in all aspects of business. The program is one that Orbus looks forward to continuing to be involved with over time.

                                                                                                     BigRiver_CarbonNeutral 2017

                                                     The Big River Forest, one of several Conservation Fund projects supported by UPS's Carbon Neutral Shipping Program.

About Orbus: 

Orbus Exhibit & Display Group is a market-leading, privately owned group of companies that specialize in the manufacture and trade only supply of portable modular and custom modular exhibit and display products, graphics and solutions. Companies and brands within the group include Orbus365®, SignPro Systems®, Origin® and Nimlok®.  

Orbus is a proud member of the ISA, SGIA, ASI, USSC and EDPA; the company boasts G7 Master IDEAlliance certification and is registered to ISO 9001:2008 for the highest manufacturing quality standards and ISO 14001:2004 for its environmental management system and “green” efforts.  

Orbus' supply and manufacturing facilities reside in Woodridge, IL and Las Vegas, NV. For more information, visit www.orbus.com

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